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Cerakote is a Ceramic Coating applied to Parts

Our Coating is Done in House

You can either come and drop parts or mail in!

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Save yourself some money by sending or bringing in clean parts.

Soap and water can save you $$$s off us doing the cleaning!  


If you send two or more parts – dirty calipers, cases, master cylinders etc… you will be charged additional costs! Must be grease and oil free! Please don’t make us wash your parts. Scrub them real good! Save time & money on your turnaround time! You don't want to pay us for something you can do!

Media Blasting (Sandblasting) of the parts is included in our cost. Its better to let us do the blasting to keep oil and contaminants from damaging the parts. We use a specific media that keeps a nice finish. The most common media’s sold are to coarse. The finish will lack the desired effect if you use the incorrect process for this application.


  • $200 – pair of hubs – $20 fee for bearing and seal removal/installation if needed

  • $100 – engine case halves each – $25 fee bearing seal removal/installation if needed

  • $100 – pair of triple clamps

  • $60 – 4 stroke heads

  • $55 – clutch/ignition cover, 2 stroke & 4 stroke cylinders (outer covers wear from boots like any coating

  • $50 – Valve Cover

  • $45 – calipers, rear brake hanger, water pump cover

  • $40 – master cylinder (must have sight glass delete mod $50, or sight glass replacement $35), front brake hanger, 2 stroke heads

  • $25 cleaning fee if parts come dirty. Clean all oils and dirt with soapy water – see above!

  • Any misc parts are a $40 minimum due to prep and materials.

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